White hair on girls  

Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

Do you think white hair looks good on girls? Lately I've seen it on few TV characters and am impressed how it makes them look way prettier than their darker original hair! I think its beautiful specially if its with ancient costumes! but not for Kuwaiti girls :p

The princess of the north in The Last Airbender

Bride with white hair

The Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Christina Aguilaira

Games of Thrones

The Last Airbender Animation

Albert Einstein I think he's pretty too ;p

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I actually like it, but I think it looks better with short hair

i like.. i prefer purple heads though

شفيه الابيض ،، يهبل عليهم خصوصاً كاليسي من جيم اوف ثرونز تينن الكلبه

Hey! it's been ages! hope all is well with you. Funny how I just started writing a story and the male character has white hair! Love it so much. :P

عيّرتني بالشيبِ وهو وقارُ يا أبله

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