White hair on girls  

Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

Do you think white hair looks good on girls? Lately I've seen it on few TV characters and am impressed how it makes them look way prettier than their darker original hair! I think its beautiful specially if its with ancient costumes! but not for Kuwaiti girls :p

The princess of the north in The Last Airbender

Bride with white hair

The Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Christina Aguilaira

Games of Thrones

The Last Airbender Animation

Albert Einstein I think he's pretty too ;p

I luv Gigi D' Agostino  

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I just luv those two songs and their animated videos! can't take my eyes off the video for the whole song..

This Mortal Coil  

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It's been a long time since I posted anything here but once I've listened to this song in the movie "The lovely bones" I felt that I had to share it.
Its so sad and the whole movie is tragic really but I loved it.
Btw .. This actress is so amazing I've seen her in three movies now and she shocks me every time. Saoirse Ronan


This Mortal Coil - Song to the siren

Updated: trailer of the movie The lovely bones