Hello Kitty new look! ADORABLE!  

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كيف تثور بحدائة؟  

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A picture is worth a thousand words  

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This picture is just so inspiring I loved it. A Tunisian man holding a bread stick like a weapon! source

Types of iPhone owners  

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Starbucks has a new logo!  

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Starbucks remove their name on the logo and stay on the mermaid only! A strong message to the masses that starbucks can be recognized by simply a picture and no need for a text around it just like Apple Mac.

I think I like the new logo its modern and simple...Errr and I wont go through political issues ;p but some say that not having the brand's name on it makes it easier to cover up the real meaning of their logo...Conspiracy theory kinda thing ;r

Others say it's a smart way to cut the costs of printing since they removed one color which is black!

In all ways, it's good for them hehe

I was wondering why was the mermaid used as a logo in Starbucks? and i found this answer...

It was the intention of the original Starbucks founders to use the mermaid/siren to represent the seduction of the sea going mariners. In continuing with the metaphor, they were simply replacing the sirens seductive songs with the their tasty irresistible berverages.

It is based off Moby Dick and the character Starbuck who was a sailor who loved coffee. And sirens were seductive to sailors they would jump out of boats once they heard the sirens' songs. So it basically means that it is irrestible.

2 0 1 1  

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"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."