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I will be posting some "weird" kinda extraordinary questions for the sake of discussion only!
I hope you enjoy them and most importantly share your point of view. It is more than a Yes or No question. I would like to hear your views if possible. I understand you might be sensitive about some questions, but remember these are just theoretical question and are meant to make you think and analyze situations!

Thanks :S

First Question

You can prevent one of the following from happening. Which would you choose? Why? Why not?

a- Earthquake- kills 40,000 Kuwaitis.

b- Plane crash-kills 10 of your friends.

c- Car crash - kills 2 of your family.

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I guess c... I'm feeling selfish but I don't want anything bad to happen to my family!

el7mdella ena we don't have power like this in reality :p

ummm i would say a plane crash .....well you can't live without your friends .... or family ..... or people .... I'm confused *_*

i go with "C"
coz i rather me and few others to suffer, than making thousends of ppl to suffer.

or posha i have another better answer which is, we just kill u and stop those crazy questions :)) :P

Aurous: Good point

Ali: You did not make up your mind yet i suppose ;p

annoymous: How about you tell me who you are or i will be considering your comment as a death threat and trace you and kill you first :p

Where have you been???
I really missed you!

adree etsaweenha :))

i'm ur best friend meshal, am i ur best friend? :S

Meshal: you are my best enemy :p

anonymous: will you allow me to miss you too as well? how about mentioning who you are?

i will protect my family.. im responsible for their saftey.. im not responsible for all the others.

as abdulmotaleb said:
انا رب هذه الاغنام اما البيت فله رب يحميه

welcome back
BTW, speaking about crazy questions.. have a look at my questions.. :p


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