A teacher's creativity  

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" The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." William A. Ward

A creative teacher indeed! I love the idea and wish to do the same in my class specially that i teach kids and it would be hilarious and so much fun for them. If anyone knows anything about how to do this please let me know i'd appreciate it :)

A theoretical question  

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I will be posting some "weird" kinda extraordinary questions for the sake of discussion only!
I hope you enjoy them and most importantly share your point of view. It is more than a Yes or No question. I would like to hear your views if possible. I understand you might be sensitive about some questions, but remember these are just theoretical question and are meant to make you think and analyze situations!

Thanks :S

First Question

You can prevent one of the following from happening. Which would you choose? Why? Why not?

a- Earthquake- kills 40,000 Kuwaitis.

b- Plane crash-kills 10 of your friends.

c- Car crash - kills 2 of your family.

A 14 year old Kuwaiti genuis boy!  

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I read this article in http://arabcrunch.com/blog and I would really like to share it with you guys cuz its just amazing am so impressed of this little boy who actually made several iphone apps and not only that! they were on top 50 games in the US and got more than 800,000 downloads! WOW! it is really weird that no one knows about him and never mentioned him! i've just seen this article which was basically taken from p0ach.com Check it out here.

I tried Doodle Destroy 2 and i must say it is really good and challenging! I am going to take him as an example to my students!