When teachers get bored, they...  

Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

At the end of the year.. teachers got nothing to do.. we basically come from 7:30 to 1 doing absolutely nothing! We decided to watch a movie :p I don't think we should but do you really blame us? we're really bored here.. A whole month is a long time..

That is why teachers shouldn't go to work when they have nothing at all to do...

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Thats a great movie tho !! 2 hours to waste is good :D


I loved it! this movie is a mental challenge! I really didn't know what to believe..

watchin a movie at work made me feel like am home :D

Looooool :D..
No One can blame U ;P

God blames who blames you :p
I know it's very boring o allah y3eenich

Good to know my wife isn't the only doing this at school. I'm always telling her to lay low since her admin. is a big *put proper curse here*.

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