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KHAMACHEER is a garage sale I went to last Wednesday at the Shaab Soccer Field in Shaab Leisure Park. It was organized by the talented AUK student Fatma Al-Sumaity. I must say it was fun to buy all those books and stuff! They were extremely cheap! some books are worth half kd! and some movies for less!

The atmosphere was nice as well.. there was a live DJ and the organizers did their best to beat the hot weather with fans all over the place.
I just think that these activities should be held more often.. They are just different and new and am sure our society will be more open to having more garage sales simply because they are full of stuff you would never find anywhere else!

My message to exhibition organizers is to be more innovative and bring in new ideas to our society instead of repeating the same ideas with the same concept every time.

Way to go Fatma and wish you good luck in your future plans!

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الله يعطيكم العافية

wow I love the idea !! AND I KNOW I'm supposed to be there with you ;p bs yalla lama ard inshalah ;p

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