BBB cake  

Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

BBB cake is BlackBerry Birthday Cake ;p

My friend is a BB addict so i thought of giving her a lil surprise at work for her Birthday :p I asked BreadTalk to make me a cake that looks exactly like a BlackBerry mobile and I must say that they did a great job :D It's a 40X30cm so its pretty huge.

We had fun :)) Why don't you people try doin the same thing to those BB addicts all around Kuwait these days hehe.

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i love it! such a fun cake!

did it taste goof? didnt know bread talk baked bday cakes!

ماشاءالله شكلها مضبوط..

بالعافيه عليكم يارب..

وكل عام واهي بخير..


YEAH they are good! it's the first time I try em and as you can see they are pretty good. I didn't eat it but my friend says its yummy :)


الله يعافيج حبيبتي مشكورة

خوش يعني بعيد ميلادي الياي اتريا منج كيكة على مارلين مونرو؟



انا مسوية بروشات على مارلين مانرو بس البنات مايحبون يلبسون جذي الظاهر يغارون منها لول

بس انا البس عاااااادي

يلا متى عيد ميلادك اسويلك الكيكة افا عليك لول

كل عام واهيا بخير يارب

حبيت شكل الكيكه :)))

بالعافيه عليكم :>

COOL! You're friend is lucky to have such a caring & loving friend as you! It means so much to send someone you love a gift that speaks to them! Im sure she fell in love with it & you!

And the cake looks great! & if you're getting Jako a Marilyn Monroe one, how about I get an MJ one? hee hee Nah, im just kiddin'! I wouldnt wanna eat it anyways! lol

wooow!!! thab6eenha mashallah :)

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