Waka Waka  

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I just can't stop listening to it!


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KHAMACHEER is a garage sale I went to last Wednesday at the Shaab Soccer Field in Shaab Leisure Park. It was organized by the talented AUK student Fatma Al-Sumaity. I must say it was fun to buy all those books and stuff! They were extremely cheap! some books are worth half kd! and some movies for less!

The atmosphere was nice as well.. there was a live DJ and the organizers did their best to beat the hot weather with fans all over the place.
I just think that these activities should be held more often.. They are just different and new and am sure our society will be more open to having more garage sales simply because they are full of stuff you would never find anywhere else!

My message to exhibition organizers is to be more innovative and bring in new ideas to our society instead of repeating the same ideas with the same concept every time.

Way to go Fatma and wish you good luck in your future plans!

I want fa9la friends  

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I just love their spirit and talent :p don't you think? We all need to go crazy like this from time to time!

When teachers get bored, they...  

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At the end of the year.. teachers got nothing to do.. we basically come from 7:30 to 1 doing absolutely nothing! We decided to watch a movie :p I don't think we should but do you really blame us? we're really bored here.. A whole month is a long time..

That is why teachers shouldn't go to work when they have nothing at all to do...

انفلونزا البنكبيري  

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رسمت هالكاريكاتير في دورة رسم للفنان بدر بن غيث وآخر يوم في الدورة كان في مسابقة أحسن رسمة و أناااااا فزت
شرايكم؟ ماتعبر عن الواقع؟


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كن منصفاً يا سيدي القاضي
ذنبي أنا رجل له ماضي
تلك التي أمامك الان
كانت لدي اعز إنسانه
أحببتها وهي أحبتني
صدقاً جميع الهم أنستني
صارحتها وقلت مولاتي
كثيرة كانت علاقاتي
قالت... حبيبي دع الماضي وقبلني قبلني بين ذراعيك انا الكل وانا ليا الحاضر والآتي

كن منصفا يا سيدي القاضي..
تخونني لغتي وألفاضي إن الذي أمامك الآن..
أشبعني ظلما وحرمانا..
أنا حالة فعلا لها يرثى حتى نسيت بأنني أنثى


ذللتني ..
دمرتني أنت..
أهملتني أنت ..
أنت عذابي..
أنت همومي ..
ونسيت قسوته وقلت له ..

حبيبي دع الماضي وقبلني قبلني بين ذراعيك أنا الكل وانا ليا الحاضر والآتي

مر الزمان تغيرت تمردت تجبرت وتكبرت
صبري الجميل تجاوز صبرا لغة الحوار تحولت جمرا
فان رأتني جنبها سارحا فورا تصير إمراة أخرى
غيرتها مرض يوسوسني فعلا أحن لذلك الماضي
أطلق يديا سيد القاضي.. حرر يديا

الله على سهراته الكبرى يوما أراه ويختفي شهرا
عذرا يناقض سيدي عذرا
من بيت صاحبة الى أخرى
فالشلة الاولى أعادته لظلاله وضياعه الماضي

كن منصفا كن منصفا يا سيدي القاضي..


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That's one or two crazy picture of Mimi my lil niece used in several backgrounds :P it's pretty crazy am warnin ya all :D

Mimi the godfather

Mimi the Matrix



Obamimi again..


Snoop Mimi


Mimi the hero

Albert mimestien

Southpark cartmimi
Mimi facebook moves ;p

BBB cake  

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BBB cake is BlackBerry Birthday Cake ;p

My friend is a BB addict so i thought of giving her a lil surprise at work for her Birthday :p I asked BreadTalk to make me a cake that looks exactly like a BlackBerry mobile and I must say that they did a great job :D It's a 40X30cm so its pretty huge.

We had fun :)) Why don't you people try doin the same thing to those BB addicts all around Kuwait these days hehe.