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Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

Last month I read something about Google's mistake in displaying the Kuwait's National Day Doodle design on January instead of February 25th. Google team then apologized for that mistake and published this message:

"We wanted to use the Kuwaiti Google homepage as a way to commemorate Kuwait’s Independence Day and designed a great Doodle which appeared on the homepage today January 26th… but we’re all subject to human error and we made one today by posting the Doodle one month too soon. All we can say is oops! But the design a new logo for the right date on February 25th, which means that Kuwait will be the only country to ever have two Doodles for their national day in the same year!"

I agree that we are lucky to have two designs in the same year but don't you think the first design is way better than the second! They simply removed the background and added a map at the end. I find the blue background with Kuwait towers much more beautiful than the current one. Don't you agree?
Besides, the map shape at the end is not even close to the 'e' letter. It looks like an 'a'
Am so disappointed since I've been waiting for the new design.. :(

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كل عام و انتي و الكويت و اهلها بكل خير

و ان شالله نشوف حال البلد من احسن لاحسن

أنا معاك أحس الأول أحلى وأشرح وايد خاصا الخلفية حلوة والأبراج أحلى

حلو البوست يعطيك العافية

وكل عاو وإنت وكل شعبنا الغالي بألف خير يارب
عجبتني مدونتك وتمت إضافتك في قائمة مدوناتي التي أتابعها
وبالتوفيق يارب : )


finally someone agrees with me ;p

kel 3am wnta b5air o happy holiday

thanks for adding me and welcome anytime :) yshrfny wala

كل عام وديرتنه الحبيبه بالف خير :)

الاول احلى بوايد

شاي الضحى

هلا والله فيج

امين الله يسمع منج انشالله

I totally agree !
I like the first One much better !
like U said,in the second design,the map doesn't look like an E at all !

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