360 mall entrance!  

Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

The other day I went to 360 mall with a friend and while I was admiring the sophisticated and "modern" structure of the building, I found something weird about the entrance! I will let you decide if am right or wrong by taking a look at these pictures...

Any clue yet?



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تصدقين مع اني رحت له يمكن 4 او 5 مرات وما دققت

للأسف.. الحلو ما يكملش

حنان وانتي الصاجة حسافة خربو عالمبنى

المره الياية دقق جاكو وصج راح تنصدم لان كلش مولايق

اهلين و سهلين بعودتج

من طول الغيبات
و نشكر مجمع ٣٦٠ اللي ردج للكتابه

welcome back :))

thanks bs tdri am a teacher o mani lagya wagt 7g nfsi hehe! bs inshala rada eb mawathee3 a7sn :)

shokran le mororek

looooool wayed re7t bas mantebaht !! lol masha'llah 3alaich

I didn't visit 360 'til now but ..

Shame on them !! ;)

BTW ..
Happy new year ..

Hamad: go take a look it's hilarious!

360 is awesome inside and outside except for this thing! it was really weird.

When i saw it i couldn't help but take photos!

shame on them 3ala goltch

Happy new year to you too and thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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