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This guy is awesome! He kept taking photos of himself EVERYDAY for six years!!!!

now...The thing is...

is it only me or what? doesn't he look like mimi? hahahhahaha check out this pic i made and then check out his kewl video..

Some people might find it BRILLIANT others might find it STUPID. Which side are you?

Here is his youtube link where he shot himself for 6 years
thats 2356 days!!!

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فراغة وإبداع بنفس الوقت !

ana ashofa ebdaaaa3

o bswy nafsah b3d ;p LOL

posha el fannana el 9agheeeera ;p


am flattered thanks

am always talented though


ana agool saway nafsa khal enshoof yemken t9ekeen 3alaih mo? ;ppp

hehe ya36eech el 3afia 3al post el 7elo

Hashemy: fakart aswy nfsah 3ad 9j bs mojtama3na ma yr7am khofk a9eer thaherah bl kuwait nfs tweety lol.

o b3dain lama fakart feha b3d glt whats the point? o b3dain shno elfayda? ana b6l3at elro7 altzm eb shy.

ymkn aswy chthi 7g mimi my niece ely mawjoda ma3ah change so fast so i think it will be nice to do it with kids..hatha etha fethait ;p

thanks for your comment :))

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