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I've seen this picture in Al-Qabas and i dunno why but its so funny to me hahahahaha

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habo0oy: besmellah chenha yenni huh

Hi Miss Beshayer,

I Know that you are a teacher. You teach the young minds and educate them.

Your comment on this photo was annoying to me!

For one reason, dear teacher we are all humans, we are all Kuwaitis.

Doesn't matter how we look or how we dress. What really matters is how we think!!!!!!!!

And the way you think of this photo and the poor lady is making me a little bit concerned on you teaching my child.

And when I say teaching I am not literally meaning the technical meaning rather than the values and beliefs!!!!!!!

I Am a senior teacher, and I dress the same way this lady is dressed and truly I was deeply offended by your comment and the other anonymous person.


You seem to be anonymous in here and in reality too! What's wrong with mentioning your name?

I don't understand why it was annoying to you? haven't you ever commented on people's clothes before?

I find this situation very normal and anyone in the public is subject to being judged by someone else. If you can't handle it then i recommend that you stay home.

I haven't said that she is not a human or a Kuwaiti person! I don't know this person and i haven't got anything against this kind of dressing. Yet, it's not very appealing to me. Not to forget that this kind of clothes has nothing to do with religion. This kind of clothes is actually traditional and i don't find traditional clothes very stylish!

The photo was funny to me because she was showing on the corner while the whole article written on it has nothing to do with her. The photographer should have considered not adding her.

This is my point of view. I cannot say I like it while i don't. I have people with me who dress the same and i don't mind telling them my opinion. The problem is with you not accepting other points of views.

Am very proud of being a teacher and my points of view do not affect any of my students. I treat them all the same and i do not force my beliefs.

If you still don't like or accept what i said then i suggest you stop arguing for just the sake of arguing.

Miss Bashayer Al-Wazzan

life is not fair.

I think people should learn to respect other people's point of view, even if you don't agree with them.

Second anonymous person: Isn't it too late to realize that? :))

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