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Fireworks...People flying in the sky....Huge crowd...amazing dancers....fabulous Stadium....well, words cannot describe it.

Here are some selected photos of the magnificent opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 for the Olympic games.

I watched it twice and i don't mind watching it again hehe!

I love how they presented their history and culture.

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Did u record them??? Sounds like it was a worth watching event!!!

I need the CD if u have recorded it plzzz...pass it to Navy and I will take it from her...cheers :)

I toldcha! hehe

I wish i did! I'd watch it all over again hehe
too bad you missed it.
I watched it on sport channel
Almost every channel was broadcasting this event.
Even Kuwait sports and they did a good job commenting.

Ill try to download it though if it exists and see what happens..

6aaa3 hatholaaa pass it to navy .. agol poshooo you know whats gonna happen next week ;P ana bye bye :D ma 3leech men amuoo , he can download it from anywhere .. he is just trying to make a convoo with you ;P lol JK :P

heyyyy navy shut up :p let me see you on monday to give u the final hitting before u escape :P

Yo guys are you sure you two are good friends? cuz from the way i see it you sound like Obama against McCain hehe

LOL :D poshaaaaa remember what i told you haa ?? :D

3ady 3ady i'll be BUSH and i'll beat amu's ass :P

ya rite!!!! she is Bush and I am firing her for the rest of her life in few months, hahaha

btw Posha we are friends from the time we were in our moms tummy...dont be shocked we are always like this :D

welcome there!
u have lighted the blog sphere ---> ya3ni nawartay il mokan :D
i have not watched it and dont want.. i know that it was a great ceremony but i am not a fan of the olympics!

AMU, Are you really childhood friends? Why didn't Navy mention anythin about it hehe

As for Zamahreer, Well, Thanks alot for the welcoming:)
Wither like it or not it is a matter of taste..but what i like about the Olympics is that its a world wide event and it includes almost all kinds of sports.

Oh we are and Navy has a habit of forgetting so how could she tell u all that :P

Oh yeah, tell me about it...she has somethin wrong with her brain ;p its not processing well she needs more RAM LOL

huh ??? etfgtooo 3laay ??? YOUR DEAD BOTH OF YOU :D

and posha getlj chtab lol :D stop talking about my gold fish memory :D

nice play on words...!!!

Yeah like newspapers and magazines do ;p playin with the title to get ppl to read the topic.
I like to have an interesting title its fun too ;)

habo0oy:waaaaaaw lefteta7 kaaaaaaan mo0o0o0o 9ij...3laihon 3goool ghareba...madri mn wain teyehom hal afkar :))

ee wala t9adgen 3ajeben bs e7na ely a3jab re7na o radaina eb wala medalyah !! tete tete hehehe

e7na bl sport fashleeen o nfashel b3d ;(

habo0oy: enfashel wenge9 elwayh ba3ad huh...o akthar reya'6a enge9 elwayh feha el football lol

eho lo wgfat 3al reyatha chan hanat bs wain ma nroo7 nlga ely yfashel bhalderah :(

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