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Posted by: Chaotic pOsha

The beginning of the school year is always filled with anticipation and not just for the kids. I often get many worries and visions of what this year is going to be like. I always ask myself what will i do when the door closes and all those lil faces are looking up at me, will I do a good job? am i going to keep my students attentive and treat them in a fair and lovely way?

There are many scary feelings to face just before starting. Perhaps this is a normal feeling for anyone anticipating something of great importance to him/her.

I hope this year go smoothly! I've had enough problems last year not with the kids though..

I am full of hope for the better and i really have great expectations for this year and if i get disappointed in anyway i think am not gonna go ahead and continue in this career!

Teaching kids is a wonderful experience. Yet, the system here in Kuwait makes almost every teacher hate his/her job.

There are tremendous negative sides in the system of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait that i will go through in my future posts. Someone should finally talk!

I will try not to be negative already and wish everyone a HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR! including |(teachers/students/ staff/ parents..etc)


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تبين تعرفين ليش في تفرقه لان طالما في اهل اللحى واهل العمائم احنا ما راح نكون بخير عرفتي لان هذول منبع الطائفيه والتفرقه
والله يحفظ الكويت

اي وانت الصاج
من هبو في سالفة "الصحوة" الدينية واحنا متبهذلين والناس مستخفة
ولا على ايام امي وابوي الناس شحلاتهم قلووبهم بيضه بس شنقوووووووول

عموما للي مو فاهم شالطبخه الاخ يرد على تعليق انا كتبته في بلوق ثاني وكان الموضوع وايد حلو

وشكرااا على الرد :)

مبارك عليكم الشهر

علينا وعليك وعساكم من عواده جميعا

حمودي صاحب مدونة لا ارى لا اسمع لا اتكلم
keep up the good work!!

Mubarek 3alech elshahar...and good luck with your hectic job :D

3alaina o 3alaik
AND thaaaaaanks i really appreciate the support :)

wb :)
and embarak 3alaich ilshahar.
oo yeah allah y3inkom 3ala dawamat il midaris oo hal jaw il 7ar.. allah kareem :)
peace ;P

am glad am baq really its been a while ive been busy.

o 3alina o 3alik inshala

mn awal youm elteachers t7l6m maku akel ;/ hahahaha

God allah y3eenich ;p

anyway mbarak 3leech el shahar and happy school yaer to you to ;p

HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR to everyone really 7ta ely malah shghl o ma 3nda 3yal o malah bltrbyah i just wish them happy time in the traffic jam as the year begins ;p

3alaina o 3alich sis o thanks for ur support.

poshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D halaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa walaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! WAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP :D kaaaaaaaaaaaak

a7m okay lets not do that here lol :D

i know this whole post is only about your "photoshoped" picture ! doing a really good job i see ;)

and about that school thingy , i already told you what to do , you just never listen .. yalla eat it ( y3ny akleeha ) :P no but seriously girl DO SOMETHING ! did you reactivite your visa yet ??? :D


"i know this whole post is only about your "photoshoped" picture ! " NOT!!!!!!

i still don't have photoshop am using other techniques grl ;p mani gayla shno its a secret

about the "ekleha" thingy. no ana lail7en "kashta bl umah" ma sawait shy 3al mawtho3 ;p soon soon

yal fa9la enty don't shout! i don't like shouting in my blog so behave ;p

she's using paint only with cut and paste eheheh :P
hope you have a good year without any problems

Paint?? LOL no not true

if i was using paint then how would i add pictures on top of each other without having the backgrounds covering them ...paint does not do that at all and if it does it will take a lot of time ;/

am using a secret program ma7ad y3rfa wehehehe i dare anyone to find it lol

Hope u have a good year too! :)))

hiiiiii poshaaa...ana habo0oy....don't worry posha..i am sure that u will do a good job...cuz i really now you :)

Thaaaaanks hboooooOoy :)

7abebti enty walaaaa :*

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Thanks alot dear i really appreciate your support :) Good luck with your life too!


مرحبا اختي الكريمة مدونة جميلة

فقدناج بمسابقة اتحداك تعرف؟

عموما انا مو ياي اسوي دعاية لمدونتي المسكينة

لكن لو كنتي مكاني ويصير معاج مثل ما صار لي شنو راح تسوين

التفاصيل في مدونتي

بوست بعنوان انا وجريدة الجريدة توارد خواطر كلاكيت ثاني مرة

ذكرتني بأيام الجامعه وبلاويها...

The system is the problem. The Parliament is a problem. Do you ever think we'll get better, we are going down in a very high speed and you have the proof, if a teacher feels that down with the system, then what hope are we left with. I'd suggest you fight back sister, stand for what you believe in and teach those kids the right stuff to improve this country when they are older. God bless you

eagle4: Thank you for your support i really appreciate it!

but as you probably know disappointment is everywhere in this country..even if a teacher does her best someone has to stop that! we are not dealing with the kids only we are dealing with the school itself, the parents, and other teachers who most of the time promote bad atmosphere and lots of disappointment.

I am currently doing what i can do and i love my job and hope for the best with those little exceptions around me who make life easier :)

I believe if everyone starts talking things will get better instead of all that silence specially in my field where people keep seeing wrong things and ignore.

The pain is bigger than the heart can hold, may God help us.

so true...

am still optimistic though :)

I hope all true Kutwais are. I know I am.

maybe we need a huge campaign or somethin to rise again instead of Tarsheed thingy!..let's just wait and see ;)


email me :

thank you

but WHY? lol who are you? if you need something you can always comment here.. Thanks for your concern though ;p

oh gr8 looks like i need some advice and help from you cause my major is english education and i always find teaching kids and teenagers is fun !

ill be happy to help you with anything just name it :)

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