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Such a great date and timing huh? am talking about "the Olympics in Beijing"

Those Chinese are really amazing. I'm truly excited and cannot wait to watch the grand opening. Can you believe that there are over 700 million tickets available in total. This means the Beijing Olympic 2008 is expecting all those people to come to see the event from all over the world! wow!

I wonder if Kuwait can handle 700 million visitors if we assume that the Olympics is held here? uhhhh nevermind its just me and my brain again!

ANYWAY, the BBC has done a great job making this Monkey ad! I just love their animation.
The animations were created by the comic artist Jamie Hewlett, the same guy who created the Gorillaz band!

Here is the link for it:


I hope you don't miss the opening I think it's going to be awesome.

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nice date!!! but I didnt get to watch the opening of the olympic...someone has unplugged our cable at home :/

It's their luck number as i learned from the Opening Ceremony a while ago.
"unplugged your cable" hehe well that sounds just like most of my students when they don't do their homework assignment lol ;p
As i see it, You really should watch it. It was quiet amazing and i got a lil bit emotional too comparing my country to their country hehe.
Go for youtube if you are interested i bet they have plenty of videos already!

I searched on youtube nothing there yet!

btw can u please cancel the word verification! :) as u are a new blogger u wont be getting that many spam msgs...cheers

and ya u need to fix ur time for the comments too :D

Thanks for the note, I changed the verification thingy but for the comments time not yet i gotta search a lil bit more.

I guess it is too early for youtube users to cast their videos. We shall wait and see :)

I guess am on the right track now?

yalla yalla .. aywa aywa .. 3ashaw 3ashaw

posha your going nuts :D enty with this olympic thingy i did watch it as you ASKED me to ;P WOW wala it was great mashala !!

Yes you are doing good :)

Am goin nuts on somethin worth goin nuts for!

Mo enty lol tarsmen 3al b7r hahahaha

looooooooooooooooool chab ya kalbaaaaaaaaaa its an ART !!! :P

habo0oy: lol...imagine that kuwait handle 700 million visitors??? e7na 1 million o '3a9a fena huh :))


e7na 1 million o mngasmeen 100000 million math-hab o 7ezb!!! hahaha

habo0oy: lo0o0o0o0ol ee walla... o 3\4 lekuwait moqemen huh

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